Nendan A/S supplies moulded workpieces in Polyurethane Rubber, PUR

We supply moulded workpieces in polyurethane rubber as per the customers' specific desires and needs. Workpieces vary from small precision-ground workpieces of a couple of grams to large, heavy wheels and rollers, e.g. for the wind turbine industry.

We supply workpieces to a large number of different industries, e.g.:

  • The concrete industry
  • The furniture industry
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The cardboard industry
  • Manufacturers of agricultural machinery
  • The fishing industry
  • Airports
  • The defence sector​
  • Machine manufacturers

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Professional consulting about design of workpieces

We attach great importance to providing our customers with professional consulting about the design of workpieces and moulds for both serial production and production of individual pieces.

Polyurethane rubber workpieces are produced by experienced employees in our own workshops. We work as per established factory standards to ensure high and uniform workpiece quality for our customers.

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