Mechanical components

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Nendan A/S develops mechanical components designed to be incorporated into customer machinery in close cooperation with individual customers.

We offer mechanical components in jointly cast PUR qualities or workpieces with moulded-on polyurethane rubber. We have the know-how to develop and produce prototypes in this area.

PUR in mechanical components

Mechanical components coated with PUR are often used in places subject to strict requirements for durability, compressive and tensile strength.

Know-how and long experience

We have more than 35 years of experience in the industry and have managed to amass an extensive know-how.

We manufacture precise mechanical components according to exact dimensions subject to rigorous internal and external testing.​


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Professional consulting about design of workpieces

We attach great importance to providing our customers with professional consulting about the design of workpieces and moulds for both serial production and production of individual pieces.

Polyurethane rubber workpieces are produced by experienced employees in our own workshops. We work as per established factory standards to ensure high and uniform workpiece quality for our customers.

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