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Nendan A/S – Mould casting of solutions in polyurethane rubber – PUR

​Nendan A/S is a family-owned Danish company based in the Town of Nørre Snede right in the middle of Denmark.

We manufacture and offer mould casting of workpieces in polyurethane rubber (PUR).

About Nendan A/S

Solid principles and know-how since 1979.


Manufacture of polyurethane / pur casting of items.


We supply workpieces to a large number of different industries.

Customer feedback

We have been working in the industry for more than 35 years, and we offer our extensive know-how in mould casting of customer-specific workpieces in polyurethane rubber and apply our expertise in all of our work routines.

We have our own moulding shop where we also manufacture prototype workpieces in polyurethane rubber which are subjected to rigorous testing in house or on our customers' premises.

Comprehensive moulding solutions

All of our production processes are based in house, and quality is subject to continuous control in all stages as per the established factory standards.

Made-to-order production

We are a made-to-order company that offers services in mould casting. We can produce for you workpieces in both small and large series.

We offer moulding of workpieces provided by the customer, but we can also deliver complete workpieces designed from scratch at our own workshop. We also have a lot of competence in connection with the renovation of individual pieces or series of workpieces.

Latest news

Udvikling, rådgivning og AAA+Rating

Development and dialog

Development and dialog about moulded items in moulded polyurethane has increased. We maintain our AAA+Rating. We design and manufacture casting forms in house.

Automatisering & AAA+ rating

Automation-and AAA+ rating

In year 2016 Nendan A/S has implemented the first automated handling system with a free arm robot. The system is part of a strategy of automating manual operations. In year 2016 we received a AA...