Solid principles and knowhow

Nendan A/S was established by Niels Erik Nielsen and his wife, Anna-Lise Nielsen, in 1979.

​The company has successfully conducted a smooth change of generations. The two sons of the owners, Nicolaj Nielsen and Michael Nielsen, occupy leadership positions and take active part in the company's day-to-day operations.

​Our operations are based in modern buildings with an area of 3250 m2.

​The company is managed based on solid principles rooted in self-financing and technological development based on know-how and deliveries from the largest and most experienced suppliers of our basic raw material – polyurethane.

Workpieces moulded in polyurethane rubber – PUR

The company was established with the business idea to manufacture and offer workpieces moulded in polyurethane rubber, also referred to as PUR.

Professional consulting about design of workpieces

We attach great importance to providing our customers with professional consulting about the design of workpieces and moulds for both serial production and production of individual pieces.

Polyurethane rubber workpieces are produced by experienced employees in our own workshops. We work as per established factory standards to ensure high and uniform workpiece quality for our customers.

Raw material tailored to the task at hand

We have several PLC-managed multi-component dosing and casting machines that dose the raw material with absolute precision. We manufacture products with uniform properties fully tailored to the task at hand.

Production parameters are changed easily using a matching HMI system.

We have several hardening furnaces at our workshop where we harden workpieces at pre-selected temperatures and times.