We manufacture rollers for the furniture industry, cardboard industry, food industry and other industries where ready products are transported directly on the rollers.

We manufacture cylindrical, conical or bomb-shaped rollers and cylinders for belt conveyors and roller conveyors.

We also offer renovation of rollers.

Roller diameter of up to 700 mm and length of up to 3,000 mm.

Nendan A/S offers different forms of rollers in:

  • pure polyurethane
  • steel with moulded-on polyurethane
  • aluminium with moulded-on polyurethane
  • ​a hard polyurethane core with moulded-on softer polyurethane

The rollers vary insofar as diameter and length is concerned, from precision-ground rollers to large drawing rollers for conveyor belts. The rollers can be supplied as cylindrical or bomb-shaped rollers with or without tracks or as conical rollers.

Customer-specific rollers

We always produce our rollers based on the customer's specification – whether it is a matter of standard or custom-made rollers. Also note that we have the capability to produce prototypes.

Industrial rollers

We offer the production of complete rollers with a moulded-on friction coating supplied with a turned/ground surface, cylindrical or profiled.

We also renovate worn rollers by moulding on a new PUR coating.

Glue rollers

We also offer glue rollers with hardness and surface profile as per the customer's specifications.​