At Nendan A/S, we manufacture moulded workpieces in PUR rubber – also referred to as PUR plastic – in our workshops. The material has properties that make its use possible under extreme stress.

The designations PUR rubber and PUR plastic are used indiscriminately.

We offer PUR rubber and PUR plastic in different hardnesses – from shore 50A to shore 98A and from shore 55D to shore 80D.

Durable material​

The material is durable and is often used as a packaging material and for the production of snow plough blades, scraper wheels, lining of cyclones and tubes and mixing buckets, e.g. for the concrete industry.

PUR also has a great tensile strength and is often used as tyre material for wheels for automatic cranes and pallet loaders exposed to a lot of stress.

PUR plastic and PUR rubber are resistant to oil products and many different types of chemicals, which makes it possible to use the material for a number of different purposes.

We supply to many industries. The type of PUR we offer is naturally tailored to the task you have at hand.

PUR for the food industry

The PUR rubber and PUR plastic we offer are always manufactured in a quality tailored to the specific task at hand. We also offer PUR qualities approved for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

PUR composite

We offer PUR with filler materials and as a composite where we cast several PUR qualities into an individual workpiece. PUR can also be cast with other materials.